dancer / physical theatre performer


"...Meinhardt and Webb play Gareth Cook’s lines of despair and compassion with moving brilliance. It is the best work 
I have seen from them. (BOUND - ★★★★ Oxford Times 2013)

"Anja Meinhardt is well known in Oxford for her dance and physical theatre talents, and makes a touching Fayra: 
a playful princess shattered by the tragedy she has precipitated." (THE BAREFACED NIGHT - Oxford Times 2012) 

"...The character of the heroine, Fayra, was played by Anja Meinhardt, who was simply wonderful, effortlessly combining 
athleticism and grace, and with a beautiful, expressive face. This was an exceptionally demanding role as she is hardly ever 
off-stage, and it was very difficult to look at anyone else while she was on-stage" (THE BAREFACED NIGHT - Daily Info 2012) 

"As for cast, Anja Meinhardt (Fayra) and Tanner Efinger (Valemon) were breathtaking. Together they added a true sense 
of professionalism to the piece, and I thought that, individually, their dancing had astounding style and flare. 
Fayra was beautiful to watch – there was a fluid form to her movement that betrayed superb dancing talent. 
Together, the couple had strong chemistry, and consequently, the love scene was one of my favourites. 
I’m sure several members of the audience were hiding blushes as they each wishfully pictured themselves in such an encounter." 
(THE BAREFACED NIGHT - Oxford Theatre Review 2012) 

"Anja Meinhardt's interpretation of Fayra was perfect at capturing first the childishness of the princess, then the passion 
of a young bride, the frustration of not being able to see her lover, to possess him completely in a selfish way, 
the curiosity, the grief when she loses Valemon, the despair of the search, the sacrifice, the pain, the love when they 
become reunited. Her acting, her dancing, her was not only a fantastic performance, but above all, it was complete" 
(THE BAREFACED NIGHT - Oxford Theatre Review 2012) 

"Guest performers from outside the university lend authority through their skilful performance; Anja Meinhardt sustaining the 
capricious energy of Fayra to the end, moving in her transition from selfishness to selfless sacrifice" 
(THE BAREFACED NIGHT - Oxford Dancewriters 2012) 

"There is some fine dancing, particularly from Anja Meinhardt." (PERIPETEIA - Oxford Times, 2011) 

"Particular accord must go to Anja Meinhardt, who brings out the frightening, seductive and dangerous personality of the 
Faery Queen with aplomb. We see her manipulate the unwilling Tamlane with glee, pulling him up from the ground with one finger, 
and his clear discomfort is juxtaposed with her cruel amusement in their very well choreographed dance, which manages to 
convey itself powerfully as both a fight and a seduction." (TAMLANE - Cherwell, 2010) 

"The three leads in Tamlane were simply fantastic. Anja Meinhardt (The Faery Queen), Robert Walport (Tamlane) and 
Sarah Thorp (Margaret) not only demonstrate phenomenal dance ability but also some powerful and poignant acting. 
Meinhardt is Amazonian strength personified as The Faery Queen, exerting total control over the stage whenever she graces it. 
Her first scene with Walport was a particular highlight, with a heated dynamic existing between the two of them that 
the music could only strengthen." (TAMLANE - Oxuni Review, 2010) 

"Anja Meinhardt, the Faery Queen had a great presence on stage." (TAMLANE - Oxford Theatre Review, 2010)